JALA SAMADHI means highly evolved saints, when they foresee their stay in their earth is coming near to an end, then they attain Samadhi in the river, it is termed as JALA SAMADHI.
Saints when they live near Jeeva nadhi (the river which not just water body but a living being) is called Jeeva nadhi (or) live river. It is not a river, rather it is a live being which flows like a river. It can take a physical shape like a human being any time they wish.

For example many saints have seen Ganges as Ganga Matha(Mother) in human form.

The great saint Trailinga Swamigal has seen her many times. Lord Krishna has seen her. The great Rishi Durvasa maharishi has seen her in the form of a beautiful lady.

Even now also spiritually evolved persons like me, we have a very special relationship wigh Ganga Matha which cannot be revealed to anyone except my close disciples.

Now the art of attaining Jala Samadhi in a Jeevith(live) river is very prevalent in North India because in North India only, the great Jeevith River Ganges flows.

Saints when they decide to attain Jala Samadhi, they fix the auspicious date, time and they inform the news to all their disciples and their followers.

On the fixed day, the saints give their blessings to all their close disciples and followers, then on the pre-decided fixed time, they bless everyone and raising their hand in prayers and uttering hymns, they slowly enter in to the river and slowly they submerge themselves in the river and after that they never come up in the water. No trace of the great saint can be seen and no body will float in the river.

Usually a drowned person’s body will come afloat in one or two days. But when a saint attains Jala Samadhi nothing will come out.

No body will know what happened to the saint’s body. Even if you go to the river bed also you cannot find the saint’s body.

Usually people may think that the saint after attaining Jala Samadhi, his body will be in the river bed sitting in a tapas position.

No, nothing like that will happen. When the saint submerges himself fully in the river, then the transformation happens. River is no longer a river, one more saint has dissolved his body in the river and the saint’s being will merge with the river matha’s being.

It is just like when the Saint attains Samadhi in the earth, their being gets merged in to the great shiva lingam.

In the same way, the saint who has attained jalasamadhi , his being merges with the river matha.

Saints attain jala Samadhi in all the jeevith rivers ganga, Yamuna, narmadha, Brahmaputra etc.

The saints who has attained Jala Samadhi in the jeevith river can any time, they can appear in their physical form.

If they want to give darshan to their sincere devotees, they appear in full form in the river whenever they wish.

The great Rama also attained Jala Samadhi in sarayu river.

aint Trailinga Swamigal who lived for more than 300 years attained Jala Samadhi in the Ganges.

Carnatic music saint Muthu swamy dikshidhar’s Guru Chidambara natha thambiran Swamigal attained jala Samadhi in the Ganges.

Muthu swami dikshidar while meditating in the river ganges, he was presented with the Rudhra Veena by Ganga Mata, Rudra Veena is still being worshipped by the relatives of Muthusamy Dikshidar.

Author’s note:

We people always consider river as a water body. For a normal mind it appears like that only. But in reality it is a medium where evolved person can enter through it and disappear. In this dreamy world what ever we see only appear to be so. But in reality it is not.

Our physical eyes can only see the maya world. What we we see is not real. It is a veil of maya. The happenings in the veil of maya is not real. The real world exists just beyond that. To see the real world you have to open our inner eye, which can happen only by the grace of God, Guru, Ganga Matha, Goddess Kamakshi devi.